It’s Official: Blog Day

BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from around the globe. Today is that day; here are my highly recommended suggested sites: Digital Drops – Brazils leading technology blog (in my opinion) Nick does an excellent job of keeping everyone up-to-date with topics of interest at the moment. You wont feel left out if you visit DigitalDrops – you will be left out if you don’t! Techsfera – Is a little bit of everything with most articles about mobile phones and related technologies – if you are a gadget guy like me, it’s worth a bookmark. Easy navigation and frequent updates. Check em out! Trendy Gadget – Al runs this nugget of a technology site. Great updates on off-beat electronics and some of the main stream too. Based in Indonesia I don’t know how he gets a days worth of work done – it’s beautiful over there. Naqernet – Andrea is a 19 year old Italian who loves to blog. He hits the ground running each and every day with well written articles. His site, Naqernet has all sorts of fun and interesting information. To find out more about BlogDay; jump. After that jump again.

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