New: Mimobot King and Queen; Why Is It Rated R?

Designed by Undoboy, a member of the Spear Collection, Mimobot introduces the King and Queen series.
king queen mimobot
Patterned with all the royal shapes of diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades the USB King and USB Queen collection is another unique design from Mimoco. Included in the limited edition USB drive is a short animation, wallpapers and icons. What is odd about this release is Mimobot labeling the series as “R” and “Not For Kids” The response from Mimoco:
The content on the King and Queen units contains footage of artists using expletives, being extremely frank, etc…
As a foot note; Mimobot is running a 25% OFF back to school sale so if any of their characters where the right design, but the wrong price (like their Starwars Stormtropper or Chewbacca) – might be worth another revisit. Source: Mimoco

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