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The Imation Disc Stakka is a management tool for keeping those messy CDs organized and accessible.  Granted your music is probably on your iPod and if it isn’t then you should contact a CD Ripper Service…but even with all your music on that MP3 player you can still find a use for the Disc Stakka.

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I’ve got at least 3 dozen installation CDs, software CDs, and utility CDs that I like to have in storage.  Problem is the over flow of putting those CDs into a leather case – now I’ve got two cases.  Rather then spending more mone on another bulky leather CD/DVD case, I’m looking at this Disc Stakka. The Stakka is an automated carousel that stores and protects your CDs and DVDs.  It does the painfully obvious as well, retrieves them.  The Stakka holds 100 discs and with the OpdiTracker software you can manage your CD collection anyway you want.  It’s got a powerful search engine and will serve up your requested disc in a matter of seconds. An additional benefit to the Disc Stakka is the ability to stack the units for expanded storage.  The content management software will sync up all devices connected and catalogue them without fail.  According to Imation, the maker of Stakka, you can string together 50 towers to control over 50,000 discs from a single computer.
“So when you’re looking for a particular CD or movie, you simply browse your discs as you would any file in your computer, and the OpdiTracker software delivers the right disc in seconds. It’s as simple and convenient and searching for a file in your computer’s hard rive. Once you locate the disc, simply have it ejected so you can insert it into your computer, CD or DVD player, or gaming console.”
Never waste valuable time searching for discs again. The Imation Disc Stakka is an automated carousel that stores, protects and retrieves all of your 12 cm optical discs and best of all the Imation Disc Stakka is only $90ish from Amazon.

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