How To: Make a USB Bracelet

Here is a simple way to make a stylish USB bracelet.  The project is very simple and requires no technical skills, but will take some time.  The largest amount of time you will spend is making the bracelet, so be sure to have your home-making skills fired up and ready to go.

Items you will need:

The first step is cutting up the cardboard to make the back-bone of the bracelet. Using tape to secure the lead start of the yarn, start wrapping yarn around the cardboard to create that customized look.  As you transition from colors, be sure to superglue the ends of each color so they don’t come up. Last, encase the Tuff-N-Tiny USB with the yarn and be sure it fits into the female duct tape socket you made. To get full instructions I would also review the Instructables USB tutorial on how to make a USB bracelet. Tip for making a yarn bracelet.

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