How To: Create USB Stick with nt60 Boot Sector

USB Tutorial:  How to create a bootable USB stick with the specific nt60 book sector required for Microsoft Vista.

Before we begin the USB tutorial on nt60 boot sector you’ll need to review the check list of items needed before you start.  Chances are, if you find yourself searching for this tutorial, you already have everything needed to make a USB bootable with nt60 boot sector.

  • 4GB flash drive will do the trick
  • Your Vista installation disk
  • Set BIOS to boot from a USB device

When selecting your flash drive be sure there is nothing you need on the device as this process to create a nt60 boot sector will clean the drive of all data.

  1. Put your Vista disk into the optical drive, if the autorun starts, close it all down and exit without performing any tasks.
  2. Plug in your USB stick which you want to make bootable with nt60.
  3. Open into the Command prompt.  [you will need Admin rights]
  4. Type ‘diskpart‘ and press Enter
    USB nt60
  5. Now type ‘list disk‘ and press Enter  All the storage devices connected to your computer will be displayed, make sure the size of the Disk you plan to select is the USB flash drive you intend to use!
    USB nt60 boot sector
  6. Now type ‘select disk [number here]‘  In this example I typed select disk 2
    nt60 boot sector
  7. Next, type ‘clean‘ and Enter
    USB nt60 boot strap
  8. Once this is done, type ‘create partition primary‘ and press Enter
    nt60 boot sector USB
  9. Type ‘select partition 1‘ and press Enter
    USB nt60
  10. Type ‘active‘ and press Enter [this is key to make the stick bootable]
    nt60 boot sector
  11. Now we must format the device so type ‘format fs=fat32‘ and press Enter.  Since we are dealing with a 4GB drive, this will take some time.  About 6-9 minutes.
    nt60 boot sector
  12. Once you get 100% complete type ‘assign‘ and press Enter.
    This will assign a drive letter.  You might get the pop-up window with drive letter, or you will need to click My Computer…either way…you need to know the drive letter at this point!  For me this was Drive L.
    USB nt60
  13. Now type ‘exit
  14. To finish the process lets load up the boot sector from your Vista DVD to the USB stick.  Type ‘D:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 L:
    Note:  The ‘D’ listed above is the drive letter of my optical drive with the Vista disk, you might have a different drive letter for this.  Check it.
    nt60 bootable sector USb
  15. Exit out of the Command prompt
  16. As the very last step, go to your Vista DVD and copy ALL the content to your USB nt60 bootable flash drive.

Congratulations, you have just created a nt60 bootable flash drive with nt60 boot sector.

Note: If you are a Microsoft publisher, OEM or OED please contact Nexcopy for more information about nt60 boot straps and related Microsoft specifications.

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