How To: Assign custom icon to flash drive

If you have multiple thumb drives then you might want to customize the icon of each flash drive. Here is an easy way to automatically assign a custom icon to just about any storage device so it’s unique characteristics can be displayed upon connection. Simply find an .ico file you want to use, name your .ico file autorun.ico and put it in the root of your flash drive then create a text file called autorun.inf in the root of the drive and put this inside it: [autorun] icon=autorun.ico Now if you want to use a picture to create an .ico file then (also works great to make that cool icon on your website’s navigation bar) then you need to make a small “favicon,” which is a small square image that is a special .ico file format. Since most imaging software does not create this format you can get a free plugin from Chami. This will convert your image to a favicon. For best results, use fewer colors in the cropped square. Choose and crop a photo which will look good at a very small size. Preview it in your photo software at 16 pixels wide and 16 pixels high to get an idea of what the icon would look like. Next, use the Chami plugin to save your image as an .ico file. Finaly, perform the steps mentioned above to customize your flash drive icon. To make the favorite icon for your website navigation bar, the .ico to the folder where your web page lives. Add the following between the < head > and < /head > of the page: < link rel="shortcut icon" xhref="favicon.ico" mce_href="favicon.ico"> Done!

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