Give your PC the mojo to be mobile

MojoPac gives your PC settings the mojo it needs. This software utility is designed to mirror the functionality of your private PC and have that information stored on any flash device. This means your iPod, USB thumb drive or PDA can become your full computer system. Here’s how it works: MojoPac is loaded to your flash drive of choice, from there you save your files, select the applications to be used, the settings of those applications and your now mobile. This appears to be much like the U3 utility but MojoPac works with any application – it’s not limited by integrated APIs. So whether it’s Photoshop, Microsoft Office or MAS90 MojoPac gives you the mojo. So the flash device with MojoPac can now be transported to any host computer where the PC resources can be used and the MojoPac does the personal configuration. Remember, the host computer must have the same software to use, otherwise you’re spinning your wheels. For most users we don’t believe this would be a problem…how many times do you edit video on the run and need Adobe Premiere everywhere you go? RingCube Technologies, maker of MojoPac, sees a big market for this utility. Many countries outside the US have internet cafes and kiosks where users don’t own a computer, yet have access to computers and use them daily. The MojoPac makes for a great solution to save the private settings, preferences and data all to a USB powered gadget while being free to use public hardware. MojoPacConsumers can try MojoPac with no obligation for 30-days. If they decide to purchase MojoPac within the first month of the product release, there is a special introductory one time fee of just $29.99, with up to three additional licenses available for just $14.99 each. After the special introductory period the price changes to a one time fee of $49.99, with up to three additional licenses available for just $24.99 each.

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