First Speakers to Harness Power of FireWire

LaCie unveils the first speaker system to harness FireWire connectivity for superior audio quality. Although USB is the front runner for connectivity, we’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. LaCie teamed with designer Neil Poulton for this simple and elegant style.
lacie firewire speakers
If you are not familiar with his work, Neil does give an interesting perspective for his motivation:
“Centre George Pompidou is a steel and glass art gallery they dropped onto the centre of Paris sometime in the 60’s. The gallery’s esplanade sprouts sporadic lines of towering, twisted white metal tubes, air-vents to some lower level, underground car park or subterranean motorway. Sometimes thumping bass wafts up from the depths. But then again, maybe it’s the wind. Or all the buskers in front of the gallery. Who knows? Anyway, nice idea for a product.”
I would think this becoming a hot item for Mac users. Runs just under $80 and should be available anytime. Expect 8Watts of Audio and 4Watts per channel. The FireWire Speakers do come with cable for MP3, PC or Mac connection. Source: LaCie

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