BeoLab 9 – An Unconventional Bang & Olufsen Design

The BeoLab 9 from Bang & Olufsen is the latest high-end loudspeaker system with performance past it’s modest design. Using B&O’s Acoustic Lens Technology the treble area sits atop the loudspeaker as if a lighthouse.
beolab 9
This position gives a uniform sound in front of the bass and midrange tones so even the unappreciated will notice the high range – at least that’s the idea. Although the BeoLab 9 is a little Star Trek looking, the top acoustic lens is solid zinc with matt chrome-plate finish to keep the esthetics Bang & Olufsen is known for. Standing at just over 30 inches and obviously geared towards iPods, as the picture suggests, the price is yet to be announced, although if you’re buying B&O gear, price usually doesn’t matter.
beolab 9


Source: Bang & Olufsen

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