EFiX USB Dongle Enables Mac OS X On Your PC

EFiX is the long awaited gadget fix to quickly and easily install Mac OS X Leapord on a standard Bill Gates machine.  The device allows you to install the OS from the source DVD directly to your system without having to tweak the BIOS settings, or anything else for that matter on your beloved PC.

EFiX USB dongle

The USB EFiX dongle uses an internal USB header connector so make sure you have one of those and there’s some additional hardware considerations you’ll need to be aware of.  For example, any Gigabyte motherboard should do but only a handful of USB sound cards are supported.  Check the EFiX site for more details. The EFiX USB dongle retails for about $125 with links on their site on where to buy the EFiX dongle. Here’s a Google video showing the install…a little too boring for a post, but I’ll dish up the link. Source:  Gadgets-Reviews.

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