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USB lifesaverThe Venzero LifeSaver is a tiny USB stick with a sturdy 8GB microdrive. Almost as slim as a cigarette lighter, you really can take it everywhere and keep all your treasured digital belongings constantly at your fingertips. This backup device does come with one word of caution however, now that your data is on the flash drive and the little USB gadget feels indestructible treat it with great care, flash memory isn’t as durable as one might expect. You never know when you will need a life saver. Viruses, crashes, even just the kids pressing the wrong button or trying their hand at rocket science – these things happen. Critical private and professional data is constantly under threat. And your turn could come tomorrow. That is why regular backups are so crucial. Unfortunately, however, most backup solutions fail to address the need to keep backup copies well away from the computer itself. Copying everything onto a second internal drive is of little use if someone steals your computer. And however carefully you have archived your media collection, a fire will destroy both originals and copies if they are kept in the same place.
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