Corsair Introduces Survivor Rugged Flash Drive

corsair survivor flash drive

We’ve seen rugged flash drives before, we’ve seen indestructible flash drives before, but to throw a flash drive in mud really drives home the point of a rugged flash drive.

Corsair introduces their latest USB entry, the Survivor, design for those with a very active lifestyle.

Apparently there is a world of extreme sports going on where flash memory is apart of the ensemble.


“Corsair has built the Flash Survivor family specifically for customers with a “Bring It On” attitude, someone who doesn’t want to worry if his/her equipment can stand up to the active lifestyle they lead,”

corsair survivor

A couple bullet points about the durability include:

  • Shock proof – triple point protection
  • Encased in CNC carved aluminum
  • Rubber collar shielding
  • Two end caps to re-enforce hollow tub and prevents collapsing when abused.

Available in 4GB and 8GB sizes for $130 and $60 respectively.

We’ve requested a sample for 3rd party real-world testing, we’ll get back to you with results.

survivor usb

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