CarMD – Diagnose Car Before Heading In – Wins CES 2007 Innovation Award

Car engine light on? This USB powered gadget, CarMD, will help you diagnose the problem before reaching out for help. Several steps will give you the negotating power to insure a good deal on fix-up.
Hers’s what’s up:
  1. Connect CarMD USB gadget to car via 16-pin data link (standard & easy to find under driver dashboard)
  2. Connect CarMD and turn on car
  3. Couple beeps indicates test is over (unit syncs with car computer and gets the low-down)
  4. CarMD lights up one of 3 LED lights to indicate Green (all OK) Yellow (might be prob) Red (get her in quick)
  5. Last step – connect CarMD via USB to your computer and the CarMD website will yield probable cause of the problem, fix and estimated costs to return the vehicle to health.
Great tool for the none-technical and folks who feel helpless when at the repair shop. Runs about $85USD. See the graphic tutorial on the CarMD website. Source: CarMD

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