Zune looking at VoIP?

Microsoft ZuneSometimes the rumor-mill is just too good. So this article is pointed more towards a warning to Microsoft then a regurgitation of some crazy rumor the Zune player from Microsoft is going to be VoIP enabled. Lets be straight, feature overload is not a buying proposition – but generally a product killer. As of today, the Zune will be your music player and movie viewer and will quickly turn into your PDA, gaming console and VoIP connection if the rumors are true. In reality everyone’s got specific preferences for each of those devices so do we really care if the Zune will be your one-stop-shop? 9 our of 10 times someone is looking for a phone. Or a music player or PSP but very rarely is there a consumer looking for everything in one device. To do an all-in-one product performance will suffer either by size limitations, cost restraints or technology conflicts. Microsoft (I’m laughing as I type this) keep your eye on the ball with Zune – make the player and stick to your guns on the PlaysForSure initiative.

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