Zune Hack – Get Around Share-Once Restriction

Zune hackYou know it’s been asked: Is there a way to Zune hack any knowledge of a transferred song on the Microsoft Zune, circumventing that share-once restriction in the player’s WiFi routine? The technique involves two steps. 1) Make the Zune mount like a mass storage device and 2) Rename the files or zipped versions of them as JPEGs and copying them from Zune to Zune. After the above, disconnect your Zune from the computer, trade MP3s, movies, or other files using the Zune Wi-Fi connection then simply have the recipient modify their registries in the same way as step #2 above and copy the files onto their computer, rename the files to their original extensions, simple. The reason the technique works is that the Zunes are under the impression that the files are very large JPEGs. Using a firmware update, Microsoft could curtail this type of sharing by limiting the file size of tradable JPEGS. I’d imagine it won’t be too long before such a limit appears. Rumor has it that Microsoft will also be limiting the file size of tradable video files if/when video trading is officially activated, so it already probably has much of the code it would need to add a JPEG file size sharing limit. Source: KezNews

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