WD-40 Could Be A USB Stick’s Best Friend

wd-40 usbIn the rare situation your USB stick finds it’s way into the wash, there are a couple of steps you can take to help get the device back on track if it isn’t working. You’ll need a little space, time, [sunlight wouldn’t hurt] and some WD-40.  Ya, WD-40. According to Kevin at JK On The Run, it’s a critical step in the saving of your USB stick. So in the unlucky event your drive went through the wash, don’t throw it in the trash.  Try these steps first.
  • Open up the USB stick plastic case and set everything out for a dry.
  • Sunlight would speed the process, but I would recommend at least 24 hours of dry time.
  • Next, take the PCB board and memory and spray it down with some WD-40.  The idea hear is to avoid any metal contacts to become rusted or corroded, as once you close up the plastic case, it’s a great environment for moisture to do some good damage.  The WD-40 will help prevent moisture damage.

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