Victorinox Offers $150K To Hackers For New Bio Drive

Victorinox has done some outlandish things in the past with respect to flash drives, including their $6,000 flash drive, and today they raise the bar once again. Victorniox is offering £100,000 to any hacker who can crack their new biometric drive.  Now there is a company with confidence. But it’ll take one talented hacker to get the cash.  Victorinox is running the hack challenge at their flagship store in London and hackers are given 2 hours to crack it and access the content stored on the disk.

Victronix USB

The bio-drive uses a core technology called Secure Pro, which employs fingerprint reader with additional thermal and oxygen sensors to confirm that the pattern actually comes from a real, live finger. The USB stick also employs a single-chip architecture with 256-bit AES hardware encryption engine to minimize the chance of being intercepted on the circuit. As if this isn’t enough, any brute-force attempts will be dealt with by Secure Pro’s self-destruct mechanism, which literally fuses memory chip silicon beyond recovery all through the power of the USB bus. Source:


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