USB-iscuit An Edible Flash Drive

When the Chaps from across the pond talk about tea and biscuits I don’t think this is what they had in mind. Chris Ollis introduced me to his concept USB chassis design, the USB-iscuit Biscuit.
usb biscuit
usb biscuit
For those not familiar with European biscuits, we’re talking about cookies. Chris developed several flash drives from ripping apart standard flash drives and applying some creativity to a handful of joke biscuits cookies. He’s looking to take the next step and move into manufacturering, so if SolidAlliance is listening here is some contact information to get these USB-iscuits to mass market. Chris (dot) Ollis (at) InterTwined (dot) co (dot) uk
biscuit UFD
usb biscuits
Chris (and I) are looking for some feedback about this, so hop over to the USB Forum page and post your comments. Will the USB-iscuit give the USB sushi drive a run for it’s money?

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