USB Hack: USB Traffic Stop Light

Tim from Imagitronics posted a neat little USB hack about taking gadget traffic light and connecting to it via USB. He retrofitted the generic blinking traffic light with a USB module and wrote a simple Mac application to change the status of the red/yellow/green lights. This project was born out of the frustration after being constantly interrupted by people who could not tell that he was already busy. I think it a great idea. What I’d like to see is the traffic light also be used for email notifications.  Say green means you have less then 10 emails, yellow means you have 10-20 unread emails and red means you have 20+ unread emails and I should stop what I’m doing and respond to people.  Kinda like this email notification, but with the changing colors, it gives a bit more meaning to the task at hand. Back at the traffic light, if you want to hack this up yourself, Tim posted the Mac app on GoogleCode for download.  Also looks like Tim spent about $70 on the project, but he does give some tips on how to save some cash. Vist the site here.

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