USB Flex Speaker Looks Interesting But Little Value

Urban Outfitters has a nice looking USB flex speaker which attaches to your PC or laptop via USB.  Looks odd, yet cool but I doubt it’s contribution to quality audio or enhancing the standard laptop speakers you probably already have.

usb flex speaker

At just over 3″ in width and 1.25″ in height the goose neck speaker does give you the freedom for directional audio but if you are using a laptop aren’t you generally right in front of the computer anyway, just crank up the sound. Regardless of my petty opinion, Urban Outfitters feels different.  They offer the USB flex speaker at $39.  A price which gets you much better gear but without the funky style of a flex speaker. As a closing note, the USB speaker looks high quality with metal flex bar and metal speaker screen, but reading the description leads you to a different conclusion.  It’s all plastic. USB flex speaker product page.Source:


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