USB Drive Remotely Controls House Security, Temp and more

The good folks over at GizmosForGeeks tipped us about Snap-Link from the 2007 CES show, a USB flash drive that controls home security, house temperature, lights, view through house webcam and even waters your lawn.
snap link
Snap-Link from Home Automation Inc. (HAI) uses a secure Ethernet port on a pre-loaded USB flash drive to access your house system via the Snap-Link software. It’s a great solution because access can only be made with use of the flash drive. No installation needed on the remote computer and no computer is needed at the house to make the changes sent by Snap-Link. This 128 bit encryption key can be used on any non-secure web browser and is sold without a subscription fee.
snap link
As you can see from the software screen shot, you can set up alerts via e-mail, cell phone or pager based on activities the system monitors. The Snap-Link does require purchase and installation of the Home Control System from HAI so if you’re in the market for a home security system check’em out. Source: GizmosForGeeks, Home Automation Inc.

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