USB Butterfly Flash Drive

In the old days a fast car and leather jacket would get a ladies attention.  From there it’s up to you to close the deal.  Well, today some might want to try ubergeek gear to get a girls attention.  To that end, consider the USB butterfly flash drive.

usb butterfly

The USB butterfly flash drive has a  bronzish, gold butterfly logo on the front and Cubic Zirconium center piece to finish it off – then polished silver body to give it shine and luster. Attach the USB butterfly to your BMW key chain and you might just get the attention you need from that girl you’ve been eying…but make sure the BMW logo is well seen. Take it a step further and tell her the USB drive has a VVS1 diamond encrusted on the front, but don’t tell her it’s your Dad’s Beemer. Truth be told, the 8GB drive will only set you back $32. Source.  Brando.


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