USB Arcade Joystick, Happy Gamer Stays Up for Hours

Although I’m not a gamer, my buddy pointed this one and wanted fellow gamers to know. This new USB joystick from Elecom is finally what many are looking for – a well built, sturdy PC controller with enough buttons to play any game. The new Elecom USB JC-AS01BK would be ideal to re-live the glory days of Mortal Combat, Track-n-Field and even Asteroids. Although no dual joystick configuration for classics like Karate Champ.
usb joystick
The USB joystick is compatible with PS3 and check out these stats; truly arcade caliber components with micro switched steel-shafted ball joystick and eight heavy gauge push buttons with four auxiliaries for use as start/select buttons or what ever. The Elecom USB joystick runs just under $60USD.
elecom usb joystick
Source: Wired

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