U3 Game – Drops (Addictive and Fast)

A German software company (Derbrill) now offers Drops for U3 flash drives. This U3 game is fast paced and very addictive.
Drops is a cross between Bejeweled, Connect Four and Tetris. Open U3 Drops and a screen with colored balls appears. Simply click the group of balls connected with the same color to score points. The more in a group the better your score. Although not difficult at first glance, there is quite a bit of skill involved to get high scores. Drops also has an on-line sync feature so you may grab that all elusive title of Drops Master.
Drops for U3 is around $9 USD to purchase but the free trial will give you 20 U3 games. Just enough to get you thoroughly addicted so that $9 becomes a drop-in-the-bucket. Source: U3, Derbrill

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