Tin Can Like iPod IXOS Speaker Stand

ixos ipod speaker

Tin Man didn’t make the IXOS Speaker System but he would appreciate it. With 1 inch speakers driving 2W of power the end cap speakers perform surprising well, according to Crave UK.

These sort of speakers often boast convenient size over quality of performance, but the IXOS worked surprisingly well, and live material sounded particularly good. There’s a fair amount of definition in the mids and highs, and although not bursting with power, the lows were clear and well pronounced.

The only gripe we have is the slightly disappointing silver finish of the speakers’ stand and iPod docking mount–it adds a look of cheapness that the system doesn’t deserve.

Run the IXOS iPod Speakers from four AAA batteries, from a USB cable or included AC adapter. Unfortunately the USB cable is for power only and provides no sync ability with the iPod. A line-in connection is available for none iPod folks and supports all the new models as well.

Sale price is about $55

Source: Crave

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