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Hewlett Packard’s UPS “G2” family now provides USB support, from 1000 VA (650 watts) to 2200 VA (1600 watts), and extended runtime for servers, storage, computer equipment, and network environments. These Uniterrubtible Power Supplies are the T1000 G2, T1500 G2, and R/T2200 G2, respectively, succeeding the XR series. The UPS R/T 2200 G2 can be converted easily from a tower to rack-mount configuration. With a higher power rating, intuitive front panel display, enhanced battery management (EBM), prioritized shut-down, and hot-swappable batteries, these UPSes are suited for non-rack-based IT equipment in SMB and corporate remote offices. These UPSes protect IT equipment and customer’s data from unplanned down time due to power outages, fluctuations, surges and spikes. These units come bundled with HP Power Manager management software. The new towers come with a three-year warranty and a $250,000 load protection guarantee. For greater system uptime, the R/T2200 also supports an extended runtime module battery pack. The T1000 G2, T1500 G2, and R/T2200 G2 are available now for $395, $485, and $849USD directly from Dell.

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