The Virtual Sphere is Ultimate Gaming Peripheral

The VirtuSphere could be the ultimate gaming peripheral.  The oversized ball allows a person to immerse themselves into a 3D world without obstacles or obstructions. A person would use a motion-tracking headset to project the visuals while the ball serves as your virtual terrain.  The ball allows the user to jump, roll, run, crawl for an unlimited distance without encountering real world obstacles.

virtual gaming sphere

At over $23,000 for the VirtuSphere I doubt you’ll see this in your local Dave & Busters or arcade, but I could see a less expensive version coming out to satisfy the masses. I could also see the VirtuSphere being used in other applications besides games, such as unique exercise or simulation experience for the military, government or law enforcement. Although this news might be new to you, the Washington based company has already sold units to the Russian Tourism Authorities to let people walk through the Red Square and Kremlin with all that unnecessary risk.

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