Take Medical Records On The Road Via USB & Vital Key

Vital Key is offering a new service whereby medical records are distributed via USB for personal archive.

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The trend is beginning where medical records are put to USB for immediate and on-site data sharing for life threatening situations. In a critical moment, time-is-life, and having data is a powerful tool for keeping someone out of harms way.
“It really gives you peace of mind to know that you have all your medical records with you,” said Jackie Dudding, a patient. “God forbid something happens, everything a caretaker needs to know is on this thing.”
Vital Key offers an on-line service to download all your medical records in the event the key is lost or misplaced. One of the most powerful sentences on the Vital Key website is: “More Americans die each year from medical errors than from breast cancer, colon cancer, and car accidents – COMBINED.” That’s amazing and for anyone with a medical history or condition which requires special needs, I think the Vital Key is a vital device for your longevity and health. Source: 9 News Denver. Vital Key website and service information.

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