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WebarooEven though PDAs and smart phones let you surf the web, many times the connection just isn’t there. What is an internet addict then to do? Enter stage right, Webaroo. Webaroo is a fresh, creative way to get the information you need. This free software utility allows you to surf the web without being connected. The U3 compatible software grabs packets of web data and stores it for off-line use. In a very small nut shell, this is what Webaroo is all about:
  • Webaroo servers crawl the web and skim the best, most up-to-date content in high interest market segments then compiles everything into “web packs.”
  • Consumers download Webaroo and selected “web packs” to be sync’d with their U3 compatible storage device. You can select your exact web site of choice for off-line updates or grab from the “web packs” supplied by Webaroo.
  • When a U3 device is plugged into the host computer, automatic updates are completed on the U3 platform and web data is ready for viewing, off-line.Webaroo
The Webaroo software is free and the list of web packs from Webaroo are plentiful.

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