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Nexcopy Releases Free Image File Creation Tool To Their Reliable Registry Cleaning Tool; USB Scrub


Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturing of USB duplicators and printers, introduces a new image creation tool to make an exact copy of master flash devices. The image tool is an add-on feature to Nexcopy’s already popular USB Scrub application and is designed to clean old registry edits of mass storage devices in Windows 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems. The new feature gives users the ability to create binary image files of USB flash drives, hard drives, or any other mass storage device. The image creation tool uses a binary process to make an exact archival copy of any target device.

Cyrus Riahi, Marketing Manager for Nexcopy states, “The utility is a binary process which captures boot code, partition table size, and file structure to create an exact copy of any mass storage device.” Riahi continues, “The feature is a new addition to the USB Scrub software which cleans old registry entries to provide better performance from the host computer with relation to USB devices.”

The Nexcopy image creation tool is ideal for those needing to make an archive copy of a bootable flash drive. The resultant image file is an industry standard file type and not exclusive to Nexcopy. The file type is .img. The image file can be used with Nexcopy’s PC based USB duplicators and ideal for duplication of content to hundreds or thousands of flash drives.

Riahi continues, “Many IT professionals use an image file to archive data and the Nexcopy utility is free to use and simple to operate. The imaging tool does not care about the file system type and is therefore ideal for any format, from Mac HFS, to Linux distribution packages to Windows FAT and NTFS file systems.” The image tool does have partition requirements depending on file size. Files larger than 4GB must be saved to an NTFS or exFat partition due to the size restriction on FAT32 partitions.

The Nexcopy image tool gives the user the control on when to stop the imaging process. The tool can be left to image the entire device, or the user may set a stopping point for the imaging process. This feature allows the image file to be only the size of the data of the master device, rather than the entire partition table size.

The image tool may also be used with SD media, Compact Flash media and microSD media. There is really no limitation to what the tool can image.

The image tool is available for download off the Nexcopy website at:

Nexcopy offers a complete line of Flash media, USB duplicators, SD duplicators, microSD duplicators and CF duplicators through a word wide network of resellers.

Nexcopy is a leader in USB inkjet printing and also offers copy protection for both USB flash drives and Apple mobile products.

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