Sponsored Post: Nexcopy’s New 128GB CopySecure Drives

With flash memory continually becomes more spatious and more affordable, encryption and data security become a much greater challenge for larger loads of higher complexity. Nexcopy hasn’t shied from the challenge with their ever-improving CopySecure software and are proud to announce some version updates to make data protection even easier.

USB Duplication
  • Larger Supported File and Filetypes
    Fewer restrictions on data size means higher quality videos and images can be used in CopySecure content. With CopySecure the bells and whistles of a site, program, or page, can be stored on a safe drive, impervious to duplication.
  • Watermark Implementation
    Branding your documents before encrypting them has been an issue in the past due to the nature of most watermarking software. Attempting to encrypt content with a portion of its data already encrypted had its challenges but the newest version includes support for Adobe’s watermarking tool, Stamps.
  • Double The Storage Space!
    Improvements to Nexcopy Duplicators as well as the software have made it incredibly convenient to protect more of your data, and in less time. With those upgrades, 128GB drives are now supported for loading and encryption using the CopySecure software.

For more information, here’s a page dedicated to information about the CopySecure software, and the concept of Copy Protection.


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