Sony Playstation PS3

Sony Playstation PS3The Sony Playstation PS3 has created a great stir, starting from camp-outs to get the gear to some being arrested for cutting in line maybe next time Sony will figure to ship a couple more million units to statisfy the gamers, but heck when you’re Sony what’s another couple million of incremental revenue? Now, onto the console in question. Sony is banking on its new Cell processor to have the other consoles eating its proverbial dust. With parallel processing and even boasting AI power, the Cell engine has even allowed Sony to up the price on the PS3 considerably above all other game consoles. Sony has taken sides in the DVD format war, and gone with Blu-ray, with full HD 1080p resolution. HD, cool and even an HDMI interface. But not everything requires a wire; the controllers and network connectivity are wireless. The Playstation3 also connects to the Internet for group gameplay, and you can store your games and settings on the built-in hard drive, along with your music, photos and videos. For all of you PSP owners, the PS3 integrates well enough for you to transfer files, etc. back and forth via USB. PS3 comes in 20GB and 60GB versions. Source: GizmosforGeeks

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