Sony Introduces Marine Radio to Work with iPhone and iPod

Sony is definitely not a team player when it comes to formats and building a universal base for outside development [Betamax and Memory Stick to name a few] but Sony did make a small step in the right direction with their Marine CD Receivers. The Sony Marine CD Receiver is a wired remote which allows connection via USB from iPods or iPhones for digital music playback.

sony marine cd

The Sony Marine uses a powerful navigation dial system to weed through your extensive audio collection or you can use the connected device itself to select your song of choice. The Sony Marine is comprised of two units with remote connecting via USB.  The main unit, like a typical stereo and the RM-X60M remote to control your stereo, well remotely.  Both head units share DM+ technology that enhances the sound quality of compressed audio files such as supported MP3 and non-DRM WMA and AAC formats. The remote will be priced at $130 when it ships, and the CDX-H910UI marine receiver priced at about $350.  Nothing for a boat is cheap.  After all doesn’t B.O.A.T. mean Bust out Another Thousand? Source:  CyberEddie.

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