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It’s like bar-hoppin, but on the web. I was doing some Social Marketing today and was tipped off on the great affect SiteHoppin can give a webmaster.  I checked it out, and sure enough the site is a brilliant twist on social bookmarking and networking. In a nut:  SiteHoppin is a way to view other website without clicking your mouse – EVER, kinda like watching a movie of websites flash across your monitor. How SiteHoppin works:  Think of a browser within a browser.  As shown below, you have a sidebar and top nav area.  Everything else is the real-live-web.  In the sidebar, just click the play button and start watching website slide-show across your desktop – you don’t do a thing!  Use the top navigation area to zero in on your specific topic of interest.

sitehoppin page layout

Hit the pause button to dig in deep into something of interest…use the Tag or Talk button to make things social.  (arrows) Check it out and try it.  SiteHoppin – GO. So this is where it gets interesting for webmasters.  SiteHoppin offers Beer Credits.  These are credits you can earn to send traffic to your site.  Beer Credits are given by you simply using/viewing your own topics of interest via SiteHoppin.  The more you use, the more you get.  Sounds fair. I’ve started using SiteHoppin and have already seen my web hits increase.  I’ve even requested Max (owner/developer) to include a USB category for all the lovely USB thaangs. SiteHoppin has a host more of features and benefits and the only way to truly see and benefit from this tweak of a social media idea is to view their testimonial page.

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