Self Powered Blu-ray USB Writer

Today Sunland International introduced their self powered Blu-ray DVD writer.  The unit doesn’t need an AC connection to burn a disc, but it does need a PC connection for the software to control it.  You can think of this as a USB connected Blu-ray burner, but it’s ultra portable because it doesn’t require AC power or laptop power to burn a disc.  Rather, the self-powered DIG-78102 [nice name guys] uses an Li-Poly battery to get it’s daily dose.

self powered usb blu-ray burner

The self-powered Blu-ray burner uses a “smart charge” approach via USB to power the device.  With an intelligent power manager to auto trickle charge the internal Li-Poly battery you can get up to 3 hours of use without a charge.

blu-ray power

All this for an on-line price of just $599 [ouch]. Self powered USB Blu-ray burner product page.


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