Scribe to USB Flash Drive with Digital Pen

EPOS introduces a revolutionary twist on the digital pen. This next generation digital pen will automatically scribe any writing to the USB flash drive. The key, is an EPOS chip on the flash drive which receives communication from the EPOS embedded chip on the digital pen.
With its miniature form, low battery consumption, and pinpoint-accurate positioning, users enjoy all the benefits of flash disk memory together with the latest digital pen technology
After you’ve taken notes, download the text to your PC and convert hand-writing into text, sketches into PDFs and much more. The digital pen & UFD are priced at $80.
  • Write freely on any paper
  • Store hundreds of pages of information
  • Transfer notes and sketches to a computer
  • Transform written notes to text
  • Use as regular flash memory to store music, image, video files, etc
digital pen & flash drive
usb digital pen
Source: OC Register, EPOS Digital Pen (page includes demo)

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