Samsung EW-700 WiFiFone VoIP Mobile Phone

Samsung EW-700Samsung, in conjunction with eidicom, have presented the new EW-700 WiFiFone Smart phone that uses their new co-developed Post-PC multimedia processor. It has a fairly impressive list of features with everything from a web browser, MP3 player, IM client, movie player, 2MP camera and integrated Outlook Data Sync. That’s all very well, but it’s the VoIP we’re after and this doesn’t disappoint. The EW-700 is also being touted as a full featured VoIP phone, capable of joining a wireless network and making / receiving a call. While there is very little information available on this phone right now (from what I can find), I am assuming that it runs the Windows Mobile OS. So from this we can deduce that Skype will run on it. But because there is such a dearth of information on the EW-700, we cannot even say if it is SIP-compatible. But have a look anyway and ogle at it because it sure looks like a very nice piece of kit. Thanks VoIP-SolSamsung EW-700

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