RFID Security Is Ironclad For USB HHD Enclosure

Click – Hard drive locked and encrypted. Click – Hard drive unlocked and ready for use. Yup, that’s it for security when using the RFID USB hard drive enclosure. The enclosure is designed to hold any number of 2.5 inch hard drives and with the embedded RFID technology a simple RFID ringkey is all that holds your data safe and secure.

rfid usb hard drive enclosure

Upon connection to your system, the RFID key identifies the USB hard drive for setup and connection, from that point forward the USB enclosure needs the same RFID signal to lock and unlock the drive.Several LED light configurations provide status: Red for lock, Green for unlock and Blue for write process. With all this high tech RFID security, you can still be a knucklehead and forget to click the RFID key before leaving the workstation. It would be nice if security was activiated when the RFID key went out of range – although that could seriously screw up some read/write functions you’re performing. Still at $56USD this isn’t a bad solution considering your average USB hard drive enclosure will be nearly the same amount at a local computer store, and without security. Source: USB Brando.

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