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Gadget4All sent me their Blue Mirror wireless Bluetooth visor car kit for review and I’m glad they did, as California will start enforcing the “mandatory hands free car kits” come July 1st and the ticket is expensive, so this review couldn’t have come at a better time. This is what I found:

Review Summary for Wireless Bluetooth Visor Car Kit:

UPDATE: The bluetooth visor car kit is available at Amazon for immediate delivery. Great product for the quick fix you might need if in California or another state which has a “hands-free” wireless policy. Buy Now The wireless visor Bluetooth car kit is well made, easy to operate and performs well. Sound quality is good, setup is easy and user design is well thought out. Strong mounting assembly yet portable and easy to disconnect.

wireless bluetooth car kit

Out Of Box Experience: The Blue Mirror is packaged well and comes with:
  • Main Bluetooth wireless visor kit (5″ x 3″ x .75″)
  • Mount clip with very strong magnets
  • USB cable (mini to Type A)
  • Car power adapter (cigarette style)
The product is simple and intuitive to put together. I was able to charge up the unit in under 1 hour as it was already charged. The full charge time is maximum of 3 hours. You can use either the USB cable and power from a laptop/computer or use the cigarette power adapter in your car along with the USB cable to recharge that way. The only item I needed to look up in the user manual was the security code used with pairing my LG phone with the Wireless Bluetooth visor car kit. It’s 8888 if you need to know. Specifications for Blue Mirror: Here is a summary listing of the features the wireless Bluetooth visor car kit has:
  • The LCD displays 12 alpha numeric symbols + batter icon with three bars to show juice
  • Blue Mirror holds 250 phone numbers from it’s caller ID. That list is downloadable
  • Pair up to 4 devices simultaneously (I only paired two)
  • Talk time about 15 hours
  • Standby battery power – about 250 hours
  • Uses the 2.4GHz spectrum
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
The wireless Bluetooth visor car kit also comes with DSP technology which is a noise suppression and echo cancellation technology used to clear up the background noise during talk time. Using the Bluetooth Visor Car Kit: The Blue Mirror is a great product. From the first power-up the product worked well, had great reception to the Bluetooth device (my LG phone) and is easy to use. The size is not disruptive on the car visor what-so-ever and the flip-down control panel does not disrupt your driving view. The wireless Bluetooth car kit mounts with a metal clip to your visor and strong (very strong) magnets on the back side of the Blue Mirror unit.

wireless speaker

To power up the Blue Mirror you simply flip-down the control panel. From here you receive a “Bluetooth” message and click the green telephone icon to pair with your device. You then use the green telephone icon to receive incoming calls or use the red telephone icon to hang-up. The other controls are positive and negative sign for the volume control. It’s that simple.The box indicates the microphone sensitivity is -47dB and although I don’t know exactly what that means, I can tell you my 3 year old, who is very soft spoken, sitting in the back of our mini van could be heard through the Blue Mirror mic system. Likewise, he could here the person (Mom) on the other end. So the mic pickup is excellent and the speaker phone is excellent as well.

bluetooth hands free kit

The noise cancellation technology also works. I set my air conditioning on maximum level and very little noise was heard from the other end. The noise cancellation technology also does a good job of keeping background noise to a minimum while you are not talking, but listening. The only issue with clarity is when the sun visor is down (because of the sun) which puts the wireless visor car kit into an opposite or forward position, the mic can’t pick up your voice at all. To me this makes total common sense and not a lack of product features or technology.

bluetooth hands free kit

At night, the Bluetooth wireless visor car kit lights up very well, is easy to read and easy to use. Works just the same at night. Negatives: There are only two negatives for this product. Both negatives are not related to the product itself, but rather the Bluetooth setup configuration you select by using a visor / speakerphone system.
  1. When the visor is flipped down the Blue Mirror mic doesn’t work well, which makes sense to me as the mic is on the other side of the visor facing the window.
  2. This wireless car kit solution doesn’t allow for private conversations. So for work related conversations you may need discussions where a guest in your car shouldn’t be hearing, thus a headset is needed. Or if you have kids in the car and they are asleep you might wake them using a speaker phone setup. I just set music to the back car speakers and it was OK, but something to think about.
Conclusion: The Wireless Bluetooth visor car kit from Gadget4All is a great product, performs well and is user friendly. If you are looking to get a hands free Bluetooth system you should seriously consider the Blue Mirror. Pricing is under $100 with inexpensive shipping from Gadget4All.

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