Review: Telescope Lens for 3G iPhone

Review: Telescope Lens for 3G iPhone

I was so excited to get the new telescope lens for the 3G iPhone, but at the same time, apprehensive that it would be a gimmick. I was thrilled to find out the telescope lens actually worked!  The case used to mount the lens also snaps On and Off quite easily.

telescope iphone lens

Using the case without the lens is a great way to add some protection to the iPhone, but when using a dock station, you’ll need to remove the case. The lens screws on and off so you can fit this inside your travel pack and take it out when you need it. Obviously you won’t leave the lens on while cruising around town.It doesn’t come with a lens cover which is fine for me, but considering it’s stored more than used, especially if you are planning to be mobile, it would be nice to have something so the lens doesn’t accidentally scratch.  For me, a zip-lock bag works fine. I took some photos around the house.  Just like a real zoom camera lens, you have to keep the camera steady AND focus the lens not shaking. This took me a while to get used to, as I typically use a point-and-shoot.

zoom lens iphon

The Telescope lens is what you call a fixed lens.  It doesn’t have the telescopic ability like higher-end SLR cameras.  Rather you would either shoot a picture with the standard iPhone or snap on this zoom and jump up 10X.  Which is fine, as most of the time you are far way and just need to jump closer [via the lens] or you simple walk closer to the subject to get the zoomed picture you need.

iphone lens zoomed in

The other nice thing about the telescoping lens for 3G iPhone, is different cases for the original iPhone and the new 3G.  The 3G iPhone is what I have and it fits perfectly. Also, if you are looking to get your geek on, nothing says “I’ve got the latest and greatest” like a screw on lens for a iPhone.Here are some more sample shoots of the zoom abilities.  Not bad for a snap-on iPhone zoom!

iphone 3g zoom lens

The Telescope lens for 3G iPhone runs $19 USD and just a couple more bucks for shipping.  Well worth it if you are looking to lighten the load while being mobile, yet need a zoom camera for whatever you’re doing.

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