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Synchronization software sounds like a utility which seems valuable and worth-while, but many software packages fail on execution because the user interface isn’t logical or you get conflict errors with the device. So, to compile features which are intuitive enough to use without difficulty, yet perform the task of synchronizing files and folders would be a dream, and GoodSync accomplished this task. The utility is easy to understand, loads of information at your finger-tips and a logical flow to using the software. Our tests where focused on USB mass storage devices like flash drives and MP3 players and how they sync with a host computer. Installation of GoodSync is a snap, a quick download (2MBs), short install and your ready to synchronize. GoodSync has default help balloons which guild you through the sync set-up for a “job” with pointing you towards the source location, then directing you towards the destination location for the sync process. What we like most about the GoodSync software is the information provided before, during and after a sync process takes place. This provides a clear understanding of what is about to happen and if there is trouble, GoodSync records all data changed in their embedded database for post-sync access (just in case). A hot button, “Analyze” can be used before a sync takes place to list the differences between one source and another. GoodSync provides an easy, graphical tool, to command the utility on what to-do with missing files, replacing files and priority “source” files. In addition, you can propagate deletions or propagate modifications in either sync direction or bi-directional. Another clear feature of GoodSync is the summary layout which provides a high-level view of new files, unchanged files and all files that where either analyzed or synchronized. The high-level view can be drilled down for more detailed information. During several sync tests, the CPU was just under 20% usage so it was easy to perform the sync process while listening to music, checking email and surfing the web. Of course, what would a utility be without a log and GoodSync provides a detailed log (optional setting) one what transpired during the sync process.The utility allows synchronizing over a network and uses a proprietary algorithm so it doesn’t rely on file system accuracy or network stability during the sync process, thus insuring no data loss between sources. GoodSync has several powerful features which we even had a hard time understanding the application, but it’s there. GoodSync can be used to analyze changed information every ‘x’ minutes and sync or can instantly sync when flagged files or folders record a change.>In addition, one can use the Windows scheduling tool to start sync or back-up jobs (one way sync). Since the personal version of the software is free we did a spam scan on the software and found no spyware, adware or malware. A PRO version is available for corporate, business and government use. It appears the PRO version is the same with the added feature of performing multiple jobs at the same time. Cost is under $20.Finally, the options and preferences set-up window provides an excellent overview of what features will do and when or how they are used. If every software package was this detailed, thorough and well written as GoodSync, life would be much easier for most. In conclusion, believes this is an excellent product and should be apart of anyone who uses multiple devices and requires sync software to keep up-to-date. We honestly tried to find issues, but couldn’t – and thus give it one BIG thumbs-up.Review by: GMo April 12, 2006 is a USB News and Information website

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