Review: Adesso Wireless USB Trackball Keyboard

Review: Adesso Wireless USB Trackball Keyboard

Don’t you hate it when you buy a new gadget and don’t have the batteries it needs? This new keyboard from Adesso avoids that let down. Batteries ARE included. No more scrounging around for those AA Batteries that you need just to get this keyboard to work

USB wireless keyboard

This little keyboard is great for the multi-media user. With the 100-ft range you can sit on the couch, relax, and set up your music without having to get up and go to the computer. Or if you are that Fortune 500 CEO and you are doing a presentation in the conference room. You can now walk around the room and still control your media presentation. Even if you are just the basic computer user you will find much utility and love for this little guy. It is an easy to use, plug-n-play, keyboard that requires nosoftware installation. It comes with a trackball, mouse buttons, and a scroll wheel so you can get rid of that old mouse that has been sitting at your computer for years. And do not fret, all of the hotkeys on the keyboard do in-fact work. And no, you do not have to set them up yourself.

USB trackball keyboard

The fact that the Adesso Keyboard is easy to use and no set-up is required also means that you are unable customize your hotkeys located on the keyboard. Also if you do any precise mouse work, i.e. video gamer, graphics artist, etc. you are going to want to stay away from this one. While the trackball is great for some users, if you need a fine mouse stroke  I have found that sticking with a mouse is the best way to go. Oh and Mac users, “Sorry!” its not compatible for the Mac OS.

Adesso USB wireless keyboard

All in all I give it two thumbs up for a great product! Good job Adesso! Feel free to comment with your own stories or testimonials.- David English

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