QiGO USB Keys Unlock Internet Experience

So you’ve got a killing web experience but have no idea how to convince your visitors to pay for the premium product. Maybe some physical marketing material would help.
qigo usb keys
That’s the exact idea QiGO is going after.
“More and more companies are offering paid premium internet services but there is no compelling way to sell that experience physically, such as at retail or in a gift box. It’s still virtually impossible to go into a retail store today and buy an internet experience such as a one year’s subscription to a Web site or access to a popular band’s premium fan site,”
QiGO is branding the USB keys to reflect the experience expected. With a unique USB key look for each brand it helps enforce the value of exclusive web content. The unlock-n-surf concept is already active with YuGiOh and Konami games. In addition, this method of advertising could open channels that web surfers would otherwise not find on the internet. Knowing the popularity of USB, I believe this is a compelling why to introduce new content to the world via USB. I wonder what the look of a USB key would be for an adult website. Source: PR News Wire

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