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Is your UFD stuffed with portable applications? Do you find yourself constantly exploring the USB drive to launch your program? If so, forget about it. Use PStart. I while back I wrote an article about 55 Portable Applications to Make a Super Stick – well that list is nothing without the PStart tray tool. (PStart is apart of that list too).
Pstart is a simple tray tool to start user defined applications from their flash drive. Designed to run portable applications you can start anything without actually opening up and exploring your flash drive – do it right from your desktop tray. Of course Pstart is as portable as your applications and will work on any PC system. PStart has four useful tabs to help in your daily routine. Items, Search, Notes and Info. Here’s a break down: Items: This is where you define your start menu. Make as many folders and sub-folders you need. You can include hot keys to open applications without using the mouse.
pstart items
Search: Kind of like Google Desktop – it’s a search engine for your USB drive and the items listed on it. *Especially useful with the larger 8GB and 16GB drives so common these days.
pstart search
Notes: I can’t live a day without make a list or marking things off a list. PStart includes a Notes tab for doing just that.
pstart notes
Info: This is the settings tab to further define how you want PStart to work and operate.
pstart settings
Again, if you have a handful of portable applications than get the most of your USB drive and start using PStart. It’s best way to access your applications from a removable device like USB. If you’d like to get PStart make the jump:

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