Power Cable Safety Net is a USB JerkStopper

Have you stumbled across your laptop power cord while it was lying on the floor, jerking your computer off the desk? I have, and although no damage was done to my laptop, it did loosen my power connector inside the computer. If you are one of those unlucky ones who did some damage, chances are you spent between $100 and $200 for getting the power connector fixed. Ouch. Bob from JerkStopper, introduced me to a nifty little gadget that will save you time and money – a laptop power cord safety latch. It’s a simple plastic Cable Retention Device with a dummy USB connector which docks on your laptop. The rear of JerkStopper is where you thread the power cord and lock it into place.

power cord safety latch

The JerkStopper has three dummy configurations: USB, RJ45 and RJ11. For $9.99 you can purchase a set of three which is a wise investment for any laptop user.

laptop power cord safety

Bob has a good product here, and ideally I would like to see the dummy USB port as a working interface extension port, but the logistics of creating a quality JerkStopper and live USB access seems difficult. Here are some warning signs you might need a laptop power cord safety latch or JerkStopper:
  • The power LED and/or battery charge LED flicker when you wiggle the power cord and/or the AC adapter tip on the back or your laptop.
  • Laptop suffers from spontaneous and/or instantaneous power-downs for no apparent reason.
  • Laptop only runs when you keep the power cord and plug in a certain direction.. Movement of the AC power adapter plug causes power “glitches” or outages.
  • Strange “clicking” noises coming from the area near the power plug. Laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently.
  • Laptop refuses to start or charge a properly inserted battery. Laptop appears to be “dead” when you plug AC adapter.
  • Laptop suddenly shuts off without any warning. Sparks come out of the back of your laptop.
  • Laptop will not charge the battery and/or Laptop only runs on battery power

cable retention device

You can get the power cord safety latch at

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