Portable Bookmarks – U3 App with Notable Features

Portable Bookmarks is a U3 compliant internet bookmark management utility which is easy to use with unique features. Portable Bookmarks makes for a great edition to heavy internet users who rack up numerous bookmarks while going about their business.
portable bookmarks
What we like most about this package is the software’s ability to deal with multiple PCs and browser types while maintaining the web links. In addition Portable Bookmarks does a good job of providing duplicate sorting and parsing features to optimize the link library.
Randy of Resort Labs explains, “The ability for our software to store links in multiple languages creates a powerful tool for the international traveler who needs their information while traveling abroad.”
As with other applications, Portable Bookmarks also does link updating and link accessibility checks. With reliable password and encryption technology the U3 compliant application is also secure. Download trial versions are available: Self Install Zip Archive U3 Edition *U3 compliant flash drive required Personal, family and professional prices range from $24 to $44USD.

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