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Koss CobaltKoss premium sound found in Bluetooth ear-piece, the Cobalt. Well, who is Koss you might ask…well, in 1953, John Koss began Koss Corporation by renting television sets to Milwaukee area hospitals. A Big Band musician, and an avid music lover, he soon turned his eye and ear to the budding Hi Fi industry. Along with his old friend, Martin Lange, John Koss created the very first Koss Stereophone, the SP/3. Rugged, by today’s standards, it was about to set the industry on its ear. And the industry, particularly the recording industry, took notice. Koss Stereophones were on the heads of crooners, jazz masters, and of course, the Fab Four. From our amazing electrostatic models, to the hear-through sound of the first Decilite element, the Sound of Koss continued to evolve – who would have though Koss would be making wireless Bluetooth headphones. Back to Cobalt – The behind-the-head design provides maximum comfort during long listening periods and foam ear cushions allow for hear-through sound with the dynamic elements of Koss the Cobalt provides extended frequency response. The Koss Cobalt uses advanced Bluetooth frequency-hopping technology for interface-free audio. Providing a 30-foot range, you can move freely while taking a call, or listening to your favorite music or movies. Just working on your PC? The Cobaltâ„¢ is also sold with a USB dongle transmitter that allows you to plug into your computer. Incorporating a Lithium Ion battery, the Cobalt gives plenty of airtime with an approximate battery life of 8 hours. Just plug the transmitter into your computer, CD, DVD, or MP3 player and slip on the Cobalt. The Cobalt can also be used with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, utilizing its built-in microphone. It simultaneously pairs with the phone, allowing users to answer calls with the same headphones used for listening to portable music players.Cobalt

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