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Never again will the average skateboarder miss out on recording a sweet 12-stair or kickflip due to lack of battery life on the most popular recording device on the planet. With the revolutionary method of harnessing centripetal force, FluxTech Industries is looking to change the lives of millions of skaters across the world with the PowerBoard.


While many have dreamt of the hover board since Marty McFly showed us its possibilities, the PowerBoard achieves a far greater feat. To understand this, lets look at some of the board’s functionality. Underneath, there is a thin panel covered in an adamantium shell. Inside the panel a unique architecture of circuits, capacitors, and Legos enables the board’s magnificent ability to convert each wheel’s centripetal force into electromagnetic energy with 120% efficiency, a magnitude completely unheard of in the physical world.

Once the wheels are in motion the PowerBoard can charge any USB device, act as a mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi, record velocity and altitude, order food, and best of all, post directly to social media. All of these are available through FluxTech’s free app included with purchase of the board. Experts in the skateboarding and physics industries are touting the Powerboard as “a product truly unheard of” and for a retail price of $410 its cost efficiency is a first in its category.

No issues with heat conductivity or general wearing down of the parts have been recorded thus far. The only safety concern currently pointed out however, is the epidemic of skaters tripping over the wire to charge the phone as well as tangling with the wheels. These are expected to be fixed in PowerBoard’s next software update.

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