OrbiTouch is the Keyless Keyboard

Is it just me or is someone getting frisky with their keyboard?
The OrbiTouch is a revolutionary keyless keyboard for improved ergonomic experiences while computing. Using two dials a user will twist the domes into location for typing letters, numbers and symbols. For example, turn the left dial to a blue zone and the right to the UVWXY zone and you’ve just typed “Y”
Incorporated into the OrbiTouch is a two button mouse controlled by dome combinations. The OrbiTouch keyless keyboard was designed not only for improved ergonomics but also physically challenged who can’t get enough of social media, instant messaging and other addictive web stuff. Be prepared to cash in your piggy-bank as the USB OrbiTouch will run you about $399. If you are still interested then jump to their insanely slow website and view the video – although I didn’t have the patients to wait for the download so let me know if it’s any good. Thanks for the tip: New York Graphic Designer Troy Finamore of Finamore Design

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