Open source router embraces USB for WAN applications

Using open source software, a rational license policy, and modular hardware, ImageStream is challenging the router marketplace with low prices and all the features. For example, the new WAN cards for the Envoy are based on USB 2.0, which costs less to manufacture than PCI or PCI Express, and has a bus capacity of 480 Mbps. The Envoy only provides USB and MiniPCI buses internally, so it also costs less to manufacture than modular PCI or PCI Express systems. The Envoy router is an aluminum set-top chassis with no cooling fans, two on-board ethernet ports, two Mini PCI slots, one USB serial bus, and flash storage. The Envoy’s CPU is capable of routing two T1s or E1s at wire speed, even in rich processing environments using firewalls, access lists, and quality of service. Expansion options include network cards for 10/100 ethernet, 802.11x wireless, T1/E1, synchronous serial (RS232, RS422, X.21 and V.35), ADSL, Basic Rate ISDN (BRI), and 56K dial-up. The Envoy also supports a high-speed encryption co-processor card for secure VPN applications. The initial Envoy release will include support for T1/E1 and sync serial, with additional interfaces coming later in 2006. The Envoyâ„¢ is designed for low-cost, small form-factor CPE installations with operating temperatures from 0° to 55° C. The extended temperature version can be deployed outdoors with operating temperatures from –10° to 65° C. The Envoy leverages the ImageStream Linuxâ„¢ router distribution, which provides support for NAT firewall security, IPsec and SSL virtual private networks (VPNs), quality of service (QoS), VLAN tagging, VRRP for LAN failover, dynamic routing, packet filtering, bridging, peer-to-peer traffic control, and more. Prices are around $450USD.

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